Mary Beth

Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and vicinity

I wish Lice Happens had been around when my daughter contracted head lice!  As a parting gift from an otherwise successful year in first grade, my daughter started summer vacation with a head full of lice. Fueled by panic and misinformation, the following weeks were spent with her stuffed animals in plastic bags, washing mountains of laundry, pesticide treatments and 3 hour a day sessions of combing her hair.  Hardly the kick off to summer we had anticipated!  The old adage, “If I only knew then what I know now” could not be more fitting.

It is so satisfying to be a part of the Lice Happens team as a thoroughly trained and certified Lice Treatment Specialist.  Using non-toxic products, proper combing techniques, and educating my clients allows me to eliminate the unnecessary trials and tribulations of treating head lice.  Ending each session with a stress-free client who is well informed and empowered is the greatest reward.