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Do I like bugs? No. Do I hate them?… mosquitoes, possibly, but lice no. So, why am I a Lice Treatment Specialist? Well, Lice Happens provides a great service. I feel really good about that. And it’s a clean, efficient process so I don’t mind doing it. It’s my pleasure, really. I’m a single mom, with a full-time job. This is my part-time job. And I love it all.

I did hate lice once though, actually twice. When lice happened to my family. It was the worst case scenario. When it was over it wasn’t really over; it came back. Those were cursed times; a dark period is my family’s history. But ironically, it was a blessing in disguise. Long story short, it’s what inspired my sister and her close friend to find a better way – to help families like mine. And they did. And it’s called Lice Happens. That was about six or seven years ago.

I decided to join them two years ago as a Lice Treatment Specialist. Life, came full circle. Now if someone could do for flea and bedbug removal, what Lice Happens has done for lice removal, that would be amazing.