Annapolis, Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland, and vicinity

A friend was singing the praises of the service she received from Lice Happens after having tried unsuccessfully to eradicate head lice from her family for weeks. She was so impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of the treatment specialist and the process.
As I listened, an unwelcome memory involuntarily entered my consciousness — that of my husband and I returning from Guatemala with our adopted daughter not realizing at the time she wasn’t alone!!! The time and effort of combing through her hair, the awful smelling products, and taking care of the home was beyond overwhelming for this new mom!
I love working for Lice Happens because it’s so rewarding to treat a family and leave them empowered to conquer the situation on their own in the future. As a former teacher, I get to use my “tricks of the trade” to help calm parents and make the treatment a positive experience for children.