Annapolis, Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and vicinity
I learned about Lice Happens when my mentor/friend learned that I was moving to the Baltimore-Washington metro area upon graduating from the University of North Carolina. Understanding my values and work ethic, and wanting only the best for me, she was emphatic that I meet the founders of Lice Happens.
Having graduated Summa Cum Laude, I value the process of learning and I’m thrilled that Lice Happens’ business model includes empowering parents through knowledge sharing and hands-on training.
I am happy that I will be joining my passions (talking and being of service to people) in such a way that will serve an area I am proud to now call home. It’s not just about helping families, it’s about reassuring them that this problem is not unique to them and that we are in this together to relieve their fears.
I am excited to be part of the Lice Happens family!