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I admit it… I am a nitpicker! I mean, I am now. I didn’t used to be.

My kids had lice several years ago and after trying unsuccessfully to get rid of it myself, I called Lice Happens. They calmed me down over the phone and were able to fit me in the next day to accommodate my schedule. I was delighted when they didn’t show up with a huge rotating louse on the top of the car or t-shirts that said LICE HAPPENS as they strolled up my walkway- very discreet!

I was amazed by the process, the education, the hands-on training, and even the laughter throughout the visit. Consequently, I found myself actually enjoying picking through my girl’s hair on a regular basis.

Recently I thought to myself, “hmmm… maybe I could put my picking habit into good use by helping other families?” So, here I am, a thoroughly trained and certified Lice Treatment Specialist and subject matter expert. Come to think of it, that makes me more than a nitpicker – and I’m proud of it!