Head Lice Treatment & Removal in Sussex County NJ

Lice affect anywhere from six to 12 million people annually in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control.  This one statistic shows that there is no shame and no blame when it comes to having head lice.  It happens, unfortunately.

Lice Happens is professional, mobile, and private lice removal service and clinic that travels to homes in Sussex County, New Jersey to treat and remove head lice in a confidential and efficient manner.  Our company was founded by two ladies who saw the need for a natural, private, and educational service that removed head lice and stress from families experiencing an outbreak.

There is so much information available about head lice today.  Sadly, not all of the information out there is reliable or accurate.  One of our founders was a registered nurse who worked in a school.  She saw firsthand how parents had to try to sort through the barrage of information out there on their own.  We feel like nobody should have to tackle a head lice infestation with nowhere to turn for accurate information or help.  That’s what we’re here to do!

All of our specialists are highly trained, passionate, and experienced when it comes to handling head lice.  We train our staff with information from the following reliable sources:

  • The scientists at the Laboratory of Public Health Entomology at the Harvard School of Public Health
  • Clinical reports from the American Academy of Pediatrics
  • The National Institutes of Health
  • The American Academy of Family Physicians
  • The Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

This education gets passed down to all of the families and individuals we help as well.  We believe that knowledge is power.

We are available to help families in Sussex County 7 days per week. We offer emergency lice treatment and removal services as well as appointments. The sooner lice are detected and treated, the better. Lice spread quickly and easily, so it’s smart to have them eradicated as fast as possible.

When one of our specialists arrives at your home, he or she will be in a logo-free vehicle.  Our mobile lice clinics come with everything we need to eradicate head lice in your family with just one visit to your home.  We will never take over your home with unnecessary home sanitizing techniques.  We will be in, treat your family for head lice, and be on our way as quickly as possible.

One of the first steps our specialist will take while in your home will be to screen every member of your family for head lice.  This important first step allows us to identify all of those suffering from the outbreak.  Lice spread easily via head-to-head contact, though they do not fly or jump.  Some people do not display the common symptoms of having head lice and our manual checks are the best way to detect those who are affected.  The specialist will teach you how to perform a manual screening and what to look for while checking for head lice.  To the untrained eye, it can be easy to mistake dandruff, globs of hairspray, or dirt in the hair for head lice.  When we’re finished with the screening, you’ll be a pro at screening too.  We recommend regularly checking children for head lice as an early detection makes stopping the spread much easier.

During the screening, and throughout the entire treatment process, the specialist will employ extra soothing methods to calm your children.  Though all of our services are comfortable and gentle, we have found that soothing young children even further makes the experience a more positive one for everyone involved.  Treatments are safe and effective.  They contain no harsh chemicals, are non-toxic, and are naturally derived.  They are made with ingredients that are environmentally friendly and pesticide free.  They have no side effects and are safe for all ages.  Unlike over-the-counter treatments, they also do not block the view of what needs to be removed from the hair with fine combing.

We use only fine toothed metal lice combs for the removal of lice eggs (nits), young lice (nymphs), and adult lice from the hair.  This skill is perhaps the most important skill to have when ending the life cycle of head lice.  If the lice and nits are not completely removed from the hair, they will continue to breed, hatch, and spread.  Luckily, our specialists are very experienced at using lice combs and will teach you the proper way to comb using a lice comb.  Follow up combing is an important part of this process in the days after the initial treatment.  By the time we leave your home you’ll have everything you need to provide follow up care to your family.

In addition to teaching screening and combing skills, the specialist will take the time to educate you and your family about head lice.  There are several myths about lice out there and we work hard to dispel these myths.  We provide facts about what lice are, how they spread, home care, hygiene, treatment options, super lice, who gets head lice, and many more topics.  We also provide families with prevention tips for the future.  Though we hope it doesn’t happen, should your family ever be introduced to head lice from another source in the future, you should feel empowered to handle the problem on your own in quick, confident, and efficient manner.  Our goal is to make every person we help a fellow lice expert because knowledge is power!

Lice Happens will never take advantage of you, your time, or your pocketbook.  We understand that lice never come at an opportune time.  We won’t try to up sell you with gimmicks or gadgets that promise shortcuts to the lice removal process; there are no shortcuts.  We will only use non-toxic remedies and solutions to get rid of your lice infestation.  We will treat you and your family with the dignity, compassion, and respect you deserve.

Lice Happens is proud to serve families in Sussex County, New Jersey.  Areas we travel to include Byram Township, Green Township, Lafayette Township, and Sparta Township.  If you do not see your area listed, give us a call at (908) 666-2840.  We offer emergency lice removal and treatment services as well as appointments 7 days a week.

Lice Happens services all of New Jersey. Please call us at 908.666.2840 or email us at jan@licehappens.com.

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