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If you live in Bridgewater Township, New Jersey, we’ve got good news for you!  Lice Happens, a mobile and discreet lice removal and treatment clinic is available to you and your family right in the comfort and privacy of your home!

We know that there is a certain, and unnecessary, stigma that comes with having lice.  It can be embarrassing for a child or family that is dealing with an infestation.  Going to the market to buy over-the-counter treatments might be the worst thing you could imagine.  We believe that there is no shame in having head lice, and we’re working on educating families about what’s fact vs. myth when it comes to head lice.  Regardless, though, having lice can be embarrassing and costly.  We get it.

Safe and Effective Removal With Lice Happens!

Over-the-counter treatments are often ineffective with just one use and sometimes, unfortunately, with multiple uses.  Head lice are becoming more and more resistant to these therapies.  In addition to their ineffectiveness, these treatments are full of unsafe chemicals and toxic ingredients that could be harmful to your family.  These toxic over-the-counter remedies can cause allergic reactions to the skin, respiratory system, and other harmful side effects.  With multiple uses, these reactions can be compounded and become worse.  Add that to the cost of having to purchase multiple treatments and the frustration with working tirelessly to remove lice and you’ve got yourself a lose-lose situation.

Lice Happens, however, is a win-win solution!   We will arrive to your home, on time, in a logo-free vehicle, assuring your privacy.  Our lice removal treatment specialists are well trained and skilled at eradicating head lice and soothing young children for treatment.  We provide extra soothing methods to calm young children during the entire treatment process.   All of our services are comfortable, but soothing young children makes the process more pleasant for everyone.   We bring the salon quality service to you in the privacy and comfort of your own home.  We take great honor in being invited into your home and we will never take over your home with unnecessary home sanitizing techniques.  We will provide our tried and true services, educate you and your family, and be on our way as quickly as possible.

To start, the specialist will screen each member of the household to ensure that each person affected by lice is treated right away.  Not everyone displays the common symptoms of having head lice so this thorough initial screening is very important for everyone in the family.  Screenings are manual, but thorough.  The specialist will take the time to teach you, as parents or caregivers, how to screen for head lice and what to look for.  Sometimes it is easy to mistake dandruff, globs of hairspray, and dirt for head lice.  Knowing how to screen and what to look for is an important skill you’ll have by the time we leave your home.  We recommend that young children are regularly screened for head lice.  An early detection makes stopping the spread of head lice much easier.   


Treatments are non-toxic, naturally derived, pesticide free, environmentally friendly, and safe for every member of the family.  We use fine toothed metal combs for removing lice eggs (nits), young lice (nymphs), and adult lice from the hair.  Metal lice combs are preferred to plastic combs as they do a better job at removing nits, nymphs, and lice from hair.  The specialist will show you how to use a lice comb too.  Follow up combing is an important step in ending the life cycle of lice in your home and we recommend this care in the days after treatment.  You’ll have everything you need to perform follow up care on your own by the time we leave your home.  Once our treatments are completed, hair is left feeling clean and soft, just as it would at a salon.

We work hard to dispel any myths associated with lice and give you just the facts.  We coach on proper cleaning methods for the home and what is and isn’t necessary.  We educate about not sharing common personal items such as hats and hairbrushes, though it is uncommon for head lice to spread in such a way.  We explain why hygiene has little to do with who gets head lice.  Other topics we cover, in addition to answering all of your lice related questions, include, how lice spread, what lice are, treatment options, and many more.  In addition to information that is pertinent at the moment, we also provide tips on how to prevent lice infestations from happening in the future.  Our goal is to rid families in Bridgewater Township of lice the first time, and once and for all.

Bridgewater Township is a large area of land located in New Jersey.  Made up of mostly suburban neighborhoods, this township is extremely family friendly.  According to tradition, the first official American Flag was unfurled in the Middlebrook Encampment (which is in Bridgewater Township) in 1777.  Today, a 13 star flag is flown in the Middlebrook Encampment 24 hours a day.  Families working in the technology and pharmaceutical industry make their home in Bridgewater Township, as do families working in New York City but commuting from Bridgewater Township.  This township is the second most populated township in New Jersey.

We offer families in Bridgewater Township emergency lice removal services as well as appointments for lice treatments and removal 7 days per week.  We will never take advantage of you or your pocket book, especially during a stressful situation like having a lice infestation.  We will treat you and your family with the upmost respect, dignity, and compassion.  Lice happens, unfortunately.  There is no shame and no blame when it comes to an infestation.  We know that lice are never something that is planned for and that they usually come at the most inopportune times.  Our goal is to get you and your family running like normal again as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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