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Lice Happens is proud to offer services to those residing in Princeton, New Jersey.  Our services include professional mobile lice removal services in the privacy of a private residence as well as education and screening for those who may be suffering from a lice outbreak.  Our mobile clinic removes any embarrassment associated with a lice infestation by coming directly to your home.

In today’s world, lice are becoming more and more resistant to over-the-counter remedies that can be purchased in drugstores and supermarkets.  To top it off, these treatments are often toxic as well as ineffective.  Not to mention that they can be embarrassing to buy.  We often hear from parents that they’ve tried to remedy their child’s head lice prior to calling us, but after multiple treatments, lots of frustration, and several hard earned dollars down the drain, they’ve had no success.  These treatments can also cause allergic reactions to the skin, respiratory problems (especially for those already suffering from asthma), and other harsh side effects.  Over-the-counter treatments also don’t provide parents and/or caregivers with the proper skills and tools to perform the important step of lice combing effectively.  Combing is one of the most important parts of the lice removal process.  If done improperly, lice will continue to persist and will “return” within a couple of weeks.  Lice don’t actually return, but they continue to hatch and breed if not completely removed from the hair.

We know how stressful this can be for a family.  When ineffective treatments are combined with time lost from work to care for young children that cannot attend school or daycare, costs can really add up in a big way.  Salons don’t always provide effective solutions either.  Oftentimes the stylist will just use over-the-counter treatments, which again are becoming less and less effective as lice adapt.  A stylist also cannot provide families with the education and skills that are required for follow up care, prevention, and eradication.  Our company is happy to help and grateful for the opportunity to be welcomed into your home to alleviate the stress associated with a lice outbreak.  It’s something we don’t take lightly.

Lice Happens’ specialists arrive in logo-free vehicles, ensuring your privacy and confidentiality.  Our specialists are trained and well experienced when it comes to treating children.  Services are gentle and salon quality, without you having to leave the comfort of your home.  While treating children for head lice, our specialists will employ extra soothing techniques during the entire treatment process, allowing lice removal to be comfortable to all of those involved.  

The first step in making sure the lice’s life cycle will end is checking each member of the family for head lice.  Our screenings are quick and the most effective way to diagnose head lice.  These manual screenings are gentle and meticulous.  We teach parents how to properly screen for head lice and what to look for during a screening.  To the untrained eye, it can be easy to mistake dandruff, hairspray, and dust for lice eggs (nits).  We recommend regular screenings for young children.  Early detection makes ending the lice outbreak much easier.

Once each member of the family is properly and thoroughly examined, each member affected will be treated with our non-toxic, safe, gentle, and environmentally friendly lice treatment.  This treatment is also pesticide free and effective the first time.  Once applied, the specialist will finely comb the hair to remove lice eggs (nits), young lice (nymphs), and adult lice.  Lice combing is another skill that the specialist will teach you while in your home.  Follow up combing is important in the days after the initial treatment.  You’ll have everything you need to perform this follow up care on your own though.  We believe wholeheartedly in teaching parents these skills and making fellow lice experts out of our clients.

We take the time to educate families on myths vs. facts when it comes to the cleanliness of a person and/or home in relation to head lice.  There is a lot of misinformation in the world, which is why our motto is “No Shame, No Blame!”  Nobody is to blame for a lice infestation!  We will coach on proper measures to take when it comes to cleaning your home, linens, clothes, and household items.   You may be surprised what you learn.  We also explain why hygiene doesn’t necessarily play a role in who lice choose as hosts.  We cover other topics such as what head lice are, how they spread, why children are more susceptible to getting head lice, how to treat for head lice, stats about head lice, and many more.  We will answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns.

For future infestation prevention, we’ve got you covered there as well.  Our team is dedicated to making sure each family we serve never has to deal with head lice again.  Part of this process includes teaching families about how to prevent head lice in the future.

It’s no wonder why families decide to reside in Princeton, New Jersey.  This town was ranked 15th out of 100 towns in which to live and work in the United States by Money Magazine in 2005.  It is home to the famous Princeton University as well as many other great colleges and schools for young children.  It is located equidistance between both Pennsylvania and New York State.  Its rich history and closely knit community make this an ideal place to raise a family.

Lice Happens is available to families residing in Princeton, New Jersey 7 days a week for both emergency lice removal services as well as appointments.  We will never take advantage of you, your family, your home, your stress, or your pocketbook.  We will not try to up sell you with gimmicks or gadgets that promise shortcuts in the lice removal process, there are no shortcuts.  We will provide you and your family with natural, effective, and safe treatment solutions for the eradication of head lice, educate your family about head lice, and be on our way so you can get back to your normal lives as quickly as possible.

Lice Happens is available to families residing in Princeton, New Jersey 7 days a week for both emergency lice removal services as well as appointments.

Lice Happens services all of New Jersey. Please call us at 908.666.2840 or email us at jan@licehappens.com.


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